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C H AI R M A N ’ S L E T T E R

                     Laying a Solid Foundation

                         BY PAT KELLY, FCICA CHAIRMAN

             IN TIMES OF ECONOMIC           develop a three year strategic plan for the   and Networking sessions that are planned
           UNCERTAINTY AND AN EVER-         association, built around accomplishing the  are now accessible to everyone from the
           CHANGING MARKETPLACE, IT IS      mission of the organization and developing   industry. This is an event that you and your
           A GOOD TIME TO THINK ABOUT       one-year action or operating plans that are   colleagues will find of great value and your
           OUR FOUNDATION.  DESPITE THIS    SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable,   only investment is time.
           UNCERTAINTY, FCICA will continue to   Relevant and Timely).         Thank you to all of our members
           be a solid foundation for our industry   Additionally, to execute both the   who have renewed your membership
           and in a few words here, I will discuss the   three-year strategic plan and the one-  with FCICA this year. Your continued
           Association and the focus this year. We   year action/operating plan, we began   support of this association is a testament
           decided to put an emphasis on discussing   a new partnership with an association   to you and our industry. To our new
           subfloor prep in this particular issue. As   management company. Our constant   members, welcome! You have joined an
           we all know, if a subfloor is not structurally  focus at FCICA is to be in a position to   important association with remarkable
           sound, flat, and dry, the installation project   deliver value to all our member companies   membership. We are looking forward to
           will not have the desired outcome. With so   and ultimately focus on keeping their   working with you and ensuring that you
           many aspects of the final product relying   employees educated, professional and   receive the many benefits that FCICA offers
           on this ever-critical element “subfloor   positioned to deliver value to their   to its members.
           installation”, we trust you will find   customers.                  If anything, this pandemic has shown
           meaningful experts, vendors, and ideas   In October, we will be hosting the   us the resiliency of the flooring industry
           from within this magazine.       first-ever Virtual Mid-Year Meeting with   and of FCICA to continue to provide a
             From an association standpoint, we   no additional charge to association   place for our members to connect and
           recently decided to take time to assess   members or vendors as a benefit of the   collaborate. 
           our foundation. We collected feedback   being a part of the association. It is free
           from our members and are using that to   for everyone to attend! The Educational

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